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HHO-Info.com is an information site to advise and educate anyone interested in this exciting, but controversial new hydrogen technology. This site will discuss the need for this technology in today’s economic climate to address the millions of older legacy vehicles on Earth that all need reduced emissions and improved fuel economy! If you drive from A to B, you will be pleased to learn that the vehicle you drive can be easily converted by professionals to give improved MPG typically under 3 to 5 hours!

Hydrogen makes up approximately 76% of the Universe; it is all around us and is a natural resource that can be used to improve Vehicle efficiency by improving combustion.

But how do we produce Hydrogen? Well, it is present in Water or H2O. The H represents the Hydrogen Atoms, bonded to the Oxygen Atom, hence H2O in Water. The trick is to extract this gas from water using as little amount of energy as possible. Up to now, this has required a large electrical current flowing through the water by "electrolysis".

New technology invented and developed by de Verde Technologies Ltd www.hydrogenhybrids.uk.com has been around for a few years, and is proving to work at low voltages and amps! These systems use a small water vessel, situated in the vehicles engine bay, the gas is released by allowing 12 volts and low amps to flow through the water; this releases the Hydrogen & Oxygen (HHO) and is injected into the vehicle through the Air Intake system. The change is dramatic! The vehicle will develop more torque low down in the rev range. This extra torque means the Throttle/Accelerator pedal needs less input to maintain speed. Once in top gear, the car will back off on the throttle and improved MPG will result. Reports by customers claim up to 50% fuel savings!  Vehicle Emissions will be reduced also, due to a "hotter and faster burn".

HHO is a "Green" gas!

Hydrogen mixed with Oxygen is approximately 2.5 times more explosive than regular Petrol/Gasoline. The extra "Punch" will be felt as extra torque, the vehicle will drive much smoother too and you will notice how quiet the engine runs!

HHO gas is an additive and will "supplement" the fuel your vehicle burns, if you get the formula correct, up to 50% less fuel will be burned. A true "Hydrogen Hybrid”!

This is a clean gas; it reduces Hydro Carbon build up in the engine and reduces "Knock" allowing tuners to get more from engines.

de Verde does this on Modern Diesels by "Optimising" the vehicles ECU. This allows Hydrogen (HHO) to run in these vehicles without restrictions that normally restrict HHO from working! It has taken years to work out how to do this, but is proving to be the way forward for Modern Diesels. Older vehicles respond well to HHO technology, as they are simpler without the complex ECU/EFI systems in modern cars. So, is there any vehicles this technology can’t work on? Well it works on Petrol/Gasoline/Diesel and LPG. Older legacy vehicles and new models can all benefit.

There are millions of Cars in the World!, but can easily be grouped into the following:

Catagory A:  this is older Diesels pre-2005
Catagory B:  This is older Gasoline/Petrols pre-2002
Catagory C: Modern EFI Petrols post 2002 with OBD2 pot.
Catagory D: Modern TDCi Diesels, with or without DPF filters post 2006

So, for example, an old Ford Escort Diesel made around 1999 will be in Catagory A. To improve this car HOD Hydrogen Cell can be fitted and an improvement in Performance & torque will be apparant immediatley.  No ECU/EFI adjustments with the de Verde Hydrogen systems will be required.  On the other hand a new modern Ford Focus diesel will need additional help; the ECU software will need to be "Optimised" to remove the restrictions that prohibit the cells from working.

de Verde have pioneered this technology and where as previously these modern diesels failed to respond to HOD, it now works the same as Catagory A,B & C vehicles. More info @ www.hydrogenhybrids.uk.com 

Benefits of HHO:

Older Classic Cars suffer from 'Knock';  if HHO is injected correcty, due to the cooling effect of Hydrogen/Oxygen combustion,' Knock' will be greatly reduced and may disappear altogether!  The "Octane" will be higher! Older Classics need this. Many fuel additives are used to replace the old 5 star fuel - adding HHO will replace these fuel additives. It doesn't replace lead, so you may need to look at the cylinder head/valves as a caution!.

HydroCarbon deposits or "Black Sludge": Fitting a HOD system will reduce the HydroCarbon build-up in your engine keeping it fresh and clean. Oil change intervals could be extended.

Emissions: greatly reduced due to the "Thermal Efficiency" improvement! de Verde can now reduce your road Tax cost by reducing your emissions. 

MPG: Provided the install of HOD systems is carried out by Approved, Trained & Qualified persons, then the MPG should be vastly improved. Check out testimonials on the de Verde Technologies website. Most customers see 20% to 50% mpg gains, Commercial vehicles are seeing 20-25% improvement.  A recent HGV 44 tonne truck fitted with de Verde Truck cell system saw mpg gains from 6.4mpg base, to 9.8mpg! Huge savings!

Proof of Concept:  The Real proof that this all works is best left to actual Customers and not Sceptics who do not understand the Technology, and the world is full of them! Proof of the pudding etc..

Official Testing:  de Verde Technologies Ltd have spent years perfecting this technology and the time has come to do some Official testing. This has already started and is on-going. So far we have positive results, and will expand on this as we go.  In our first official test we saw a 22.1% mpg gain on the EURO4 cycle.  The test results will be released in line with company policy at a suitable time. 

This is the dawn of the Hydrogen Age!  You can join in, or be left behind!

Hydrogen-On-Demand makes Free Hydrogen! Can you really afford not to join in?

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